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This past weekend, sixteen of TKV Desikachar’s long term students from around the world met and spent time together in the South of France. We reflected on what we each personally received from our teacher through our individual lessons in Chennai over many years.
Within this context certain questions arose that we would like to share as an offering.
- How is the Spirit of Yoga transmitted?
- What are the conditions that make this transmission possible?
- How can all of us support the continuity of this transmission?
We will continue to meet and work together to sustain the spirit of TKV Desikachar’s teaching as we have understood it.

Ste Cécile les Vignes, June 24th 2018
Chase Bossart; Bernard Bouanchaud; Johanna Bouanchaud; Barbara Brian;
Malek Daouk; Paul Harvey; Hoda Khoury; Hellfried Krusche; Gill Lloyd; François Lorin; Laurence Maman; Marina Margherita; Frans Moors; Martyn Neal; Simone Tempelhof-Moors; Dolphi Wertenbaker